2024/06/20 NISHIO News

NRAV Company Trip 2024 in Phuket, Thailand


NRAV recently had a 3-day 2-night trip to Thailand, the land of smiles. This was NRAV’s second visit to Thailand, and this time our destination was the beautiful island Phuket.

Always caring about the spiritual life of all company employees, NRAV organizes a company trip every year to visit attractive tourist destinations both domestically and internationally. This year, after the COVID-19 pandemic no longer had a severe impact, we had the opportunity to gather branches from the North to the South and explore the neighboring country Thailand together.

This is a well-deserved gift for all employees after a year of hard work and effort. We visited famous tourist spots in Phuket such as Koh Phiphi Island, Promthep Cape, Patong Town, and enjoyed local specialties.

The second night was a Gala night with many interesting and unique exchange performances, helping to strengthen the bonds between NRAV employees from difference branches.

The party was held at a 5* hotel – the resort for all members during our stay in Thailand.

We had beautiful and joyful memories together over the past 3 days. Some members met for the first time, engaging in exchanges for the first time after a period of remote work.

The NRAV leadership promises to organize even more amazing company tours in other countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and more,… at luxury resorts. We hope that after these trips, we will continue to strive and work more effectively together!



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