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Things you need to know when using the Scissor Lift on a slope

2022/03/28 Product Information
Things you need to know when using the Scissor Lift on a slope
We all know that using a scissor lift on a slope is very dangerous. But, some scissor lifts can be used on an incline. In this case, it may be safe to use them on a slope — as long as you don’t exceed the scissor lift’s maximum working angle. The max working angle may be listed on a scissor lift’s ID plate. Or, it may be marked by a decal on the platform. You can always find it in the operator’s manual, too. And if your scissor lift is not rated for an angle, it should only be used on firm, level ground.   A sloping sites Before using a scissor lift on a slope, inspect your worksite for any other hazards besides the slope. Other safety tips include: ✓ Read the operator’s manual and follow all guidelines for driving or working on slopes. ✓ Never raise or extend the platform unless the lift is on a firm, level surface. ✓ Don’t drive on a slope unless you know the angle. ✓ Limit the speed according to the surface traction of the slope. ✓ Never exceed the maximum slope rating for the lift. ✓ Plan for extra braking distance on slick or unstable surfaces. ✓ Never use a driver who has not been trained on how to use a scissor lift on a slope.   Nishio’s Genie brand Scissor Lift The Outriggers and Wheel stops can improve safety with a scissor lift, especially when we park or work on inclines. The purpose is keep the level, increased stability and a reduced risk for a tip-over. You can add outrigger boards under the outrigger to keep the level and increase stability further. Another purpose of the outriggers is to allow the scissor lift to carry a heavier load safely. Wheel stops NISHIO prepares wheel stops when we keep machine at our warehouse Some scissor lift with Outriggers Finally, you are still worry about using scissor lift on sloping site, please do not hesitate to contact us! Related AWP news: Things you need to know when using a Boom Lift on a slope The NEW scissor lift for rent: GS1932m E-Drive (Slab Scissor Lifts) New Genie 14m GS4655 is now available in Vietnam!