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Genie® Tracked Boom Lift – A solution for working in rough and complex terrains.

2024/03/18 Product Information
Genie® Tracked Boom Lift – A solution for working in rough and complex terrains.
Every invention comes into existence with a purpose to solve existing problems. The same goes for the design and production of the Tracked Boom Lift. In fact, there are many situations where it is necessary to use a Boom Lift in complex, harsh weather and terrain conditions. If you encounter mud, gravel, sand, snow, dampness, rough ground … it is not possible to use boom lifts with traditional wheels to ensure labor safety.  Experts in Aerial Work Platforms realized that. For example: You need a boom lift to service a telecommunications tower. These towers are often located on a hill or mountain and accessed via unpaved roads. With dry and compact dirt on the road, wheeled lifts can get the job done just fine. But after rainy days, the ground can be soft and flooded. In this case, using Tracked Boom Lift is more suitable and safer.  Here are some other conditions:  Gravel and fine sand — Because of their broader weight distribution, tracks should be the choice for these surfaces, which can be found in sand and gravel pits, oil and gas sites and elsewhere.    Rough, unfinished environments — For example, a construction site that’s not graded and leveled. Tracks are great at climbing up and over obstacles. Genie® tracked boom lifts are particularly good because they feature our TraX™ independent four-point system — each track can independently operate, so they individually grip and climb over obstacles. The skid steer-style tracks some brands offer — with a single, full-length track on each side of the machine — don’t go over rough, uneven environments nearly as well, and the machine will rock more. Slopes on rough, hilly terrain — Genie® tracked machines offer great gradeability (40-45% depending on the model). Remember, this is with the boom in a stowed position. Any time you’re elevated, you need to be on firm, level ground. You can watch the below video:  (Cre: The TraX Boom Lift series is specially designed by Genie® to address challenging terrain and weather conditions.   Unlike traditional boom lifts with wheels, the TraX series features an innovative track design that enhances its terrain ability. If you need a solution for working at height in seemingly inaccessible areas, then TraX Boom Lift is the best choice.  Primary Features:  Benefits:   Four-point QTS Trax system   Excellent traction for traveling in mud, sand, snow, gravel, water and turf +/- 23 degrees of track swivel   Easy loading onto trailers and excellent tracking in rough terrain providing smooth, comfortable riding. 0.44 m W x 1.02 m L footprint dimensions Provides 104 lugs in constant ground contact for superior ‘crawling’ power. Thick rubber track It can be used on weak surfaces without altering the shape or affecting the structure of the flat surface. 3.7 km/h (2.3 mph) maximum drive speed Good productivity. 4WD, active oscillating axles, positive traction hydraulics Same hydraulic circuits and active oscillating system as other Genie® S™-60/65 booms lower cost of ownership and make service easy. Traditional front wheel steering with 30-degree steer angle   Steers are like a traditional boom with less damage to surfaces. Allows working close and parallel to walls. Please refer to this video from Youtube: So, we have highlighted the outstanding advantages of the Genie TraX Boom Lift that help you easily imagine the utility of using it.   Remember, the Tracked Boom Lift is all about increased terrain ability, allowing you to work anywhere all year-round!  There are few companies which provide this model in the Vietnamese market. Because the use of boom lifts is mainly in plain and urban areas, where the terrain is flat or not very complicated.   However, many remote and mountainous areas in Vietnam are gradually springing up many construction sites to build resorts, security and defense zones, wind farms…  Using a Tracked Boom Lift is an extremely reasonable solution for these projects.  We can deliver Tracked Boom Lifts to some areas such as Quang Ninh, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Quang Binh, Daklak, Kontum, Gia Lai… – the areas suitable for using this boom lift type.  Please note that NISHIO will ship equipment from our Hanoi, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Dong Nai branches. So that, you should rent boom lifts for a long time by week – month – year to minimize transportation costs.  Currently in Vietnam, we rental the Telescopic Tracked Boom Lift model S-65 TraX (brand Genie®) which offer dual lift capacity and increased efficiency on construction and industrial job sites.  This model comes equipped with features like full-time active oscillating axles, chassis tilt sensors, and automatic envelope control technology, making them versatile and reliable for various work scenarios. Specifications:  Max Working Height  71 ft | 21.81 m  Max Horizontal Reach  54 ft 2 in | 16.51 m  Below Ground Reach  8 ft 8 in | 2.65 m  Platform Capacity  660 lb Unrestricted, 1,000 lb Restricted | 300 kg Unrestricted, 454 kg Restricted  Machine Width and Length  8 ft 2 in, 32 ft | 2.49 m, 9.76 m  Machine Weight 13,098 kg For more details, you can learn about Genie® S-65 TraX Telescopic Boom Lift on Genie® website.    At first glance, it may seem that the cost of renting a Tracked Boom Lift will be higher than that of a wheeled one.   However, as we mentioned above: Using a Tracked Boom Lift can increase productivity, improve work safety, and save time.  Suppose you try to use a wheeled boom lift in a complex construction environment:  – You must operate boom lift at an extremely slow speed => require additional time.  – You would need to level the ground for safety => require additional labor and equipment.   In this case, using a Tracked Boom Lift can help reduce the number of rental days based on the work productivity it brings. Therefore, the total rental cost may even be lower than renting a wheeled boom lift.