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[NEW] Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift is ready for rent in Vietnam!

2024/01/02 Product Information
[NEW] Lithium-Ion Battery Forklift is ready for rent in Vietnam!
This Battery Forklift is designed with a battery system of Lithium-Ion cells which makes it sturdier, longer-life, and faster charging compared with the Lead Acid Battery system.  Model FBA30-JZ Load capacity (kg) 2,700 (When loading center is 600mm)* Overall length (mm) 3,557 Overall width (mm) 1,235 Overall height (mm) 2,160 Fork length (mm) 1,070 Max. Lifting height (mm) 4,500 Turning radius (mm) 4,195 Total weight (kg) 4,710 *LOAD CENTER: The center point that supports the load when the forklift lifts a load. When lifting an object of a predetermined weight during the design phase, the forklift raises the load along the load center to align with the object’s center of gravity. If the load center is not appropriate, there is a possibility of imbalanced load or compromised stability of the forklift. Lithium-ion and Lead-acid are both popular types of batteries today. As their name suggests, Lithium-ion batteries contain cells manufactured using lithium Iron Phosphate while Lead-acid batteries contain cells manufactured using lead. Currently, Lithium Battery is a kind of rechargeable battery that is widely used in mobile devices such as phones, laptops, cameras, and electric vehicles. Forklift manufacturing technology is no exception, many manufacturers are now starting to use Lithium-Ion batteries. Because of the outstanding advantages during use, Lithium batteries are expected to replace lead-acid batteries soon, contributing to environmental protection.  Enforcer Battery Pack System includes: Battery Module Heat Management BMS (Battery Management System) Electric System Case Structure Below are some of the advantages of Enforcer Lithium-Ion battery when compared to Lead-acid battery Quick charging: 2 hours full charge, economic use of each break. Long working: 4000 charging cycles, capacity retention greater than 80%. (If you charge 1time/day you can use it for 10 years)  Maintenance-free: Battery does not require manual maintenance. Sturdy: The module uses an aluminum alloy frame which is lightweight and with excellent heat dissipation. Safe and effective: Charging efficiency as high as 98%, thermal runaway temperature 600ºC or above. Adapted to low temperatures: Comes standard with an electrical heating feature, ensuring normal operation in low temperatures. Green and clean: Pollution-free, zero emissions. One of the concerns when using Lithium Batteries is the phenomenon of “Thermal Runaway”. This is a phenomenon in which a lithium-ion battery cell enters a state of automatic and uncontrolled heating. Overheating the battery cell can lead to a chemical reaction and cause a fire or explosion. However, this phenomenon is not a coincidence. Users can reduce this potential risk by improving the working environment of the Forklift (ideally between 5 – 20 ° C), staying away from flammable materials, and using a Battery Management System (BMS).  As we mentioned above, Enforcer’s battery system has also been improved and upgraded to avoid the risks of Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal runaway temperature. Therefore, feel secure when using Enforcer Electric Forklifts, as long as you follow the recommended basic safety measures. We hope you will consider and choose to experience this new Enforcer Forklift model. If you have any questions about NISHIO’s long-term Forklift Rental Service, you can refer to it here. The rental price for Forklift depends on the rental term, delivery location, etc. Therefore, to receive an accurate quote, please contact NISHIO via Hotline or leave your information, we will quickly respond to all your inquiries.