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New item for rent: Sky Carrier UP106R

2023/02/27 Product Information
New item for rent: Sky Carrier UP106R
Sky Carrier is an assembly-type tilting unloading machine. The Sky Carrier rail can be divided into parts with a maximum length of 1.8m each, so it can be transported by a small vehicle and easily carried from the vehicle to the site. The Sky Carrier can be easily assembled with a single 220V power supply. When working without scaffolding or at a site where scaffolding cannot be set up if there is a space where the Sky Carrier can be installed, materials, parts, and removed items can be collected without using large machines such as cranes. You can lift and lower heavy objects easily and safely. It can be installed by selecting rails according to the distance to raise and lower heavy objects such as materials/parts/ removed items on banks or mountains from a small height of about 3m to the height of a three-story roof, in various places… It can handle various unloading operations and is also suitable for use in residential areas due to its low noise. We rent and sell Sky Carrier, so you can choose the method of use according to your frequency of use. Please feel free to contact us first. Easy to assemble and easy to install! Moreover, the unloading machine works with just one 220V power supply! Sky Carrier has a simple structure that only connects split aluminum rails, and the rails can be freely combined. It can be combined up to a length that reaches the roof of the 3rd floor, and can be used in various site environments by combining rails, winches, and carts. The longest member of Sky Earl Carry is 1.8m! It is long enough to be loaded in a small vehicle (depending on the model), so it can be easily transported to the site even in places where a crane cannot enter, such as in the mountains. If you attach our original function “automatic stop limit switch” to the top and bottom of the rail, the loading platform will automatically stop! Heavy cargo can be safely unloaded by one person without the need for a signal person to receive the cargo. Videos: Sky Carrier can easily unload solar panels to the roof. In the construction and installation work of solar panels, there are various shapes of houses, buildings, garages, etc. where solar panels are unloaded and the surrounding environment of the installation site. The shape of house roof is mountain-shaped, and working with a crane is dangerous. Even if the crane is put in, other vehicles cannot pass through until the installation is completed. In the case of construction and installation work of solar panels in such a place, temporary scaffolding is assembled around the house or building in advance, and greetings to neighboring residents are sought before construction to obtain their understanding of the construction. It takes a lot of time and effort to spend other than the actual construction work, such as obtaining permission to use neighboring roads in advance so that cranes can be stopped. Also, if the shape of the roof is not flat while giving maximum consideration to the safety of the workers, there will be many manual processes that rely on human skills and pay close attention, which will put a burden on the workers. There are disadvantages such as “It takes a long time to construct.” Sky Carrier is a simple unloading machine for heavy objects that can solve these problems and improve the construction and installation work of solar panels. When using Sky Carrier, even if the environment where the solar panels are constructed and installed is narrow, regardless of the shape of the roof of the house, building, garage, etc. , there will be no noise to neighboring residents. In addition, the unloading work of solar panels can be completed very safely and in the shortest man-hours. Model UP106R Type Incline Max.lifting height (m) 10 Max.lifting weight (kg) 110 (Incl.trolley) Trolley weight (kg) 20 Trolley size (mm) 1200 x 650 x 300 Power source (V) AC220 Installable angle (deg) 70/75 The price for renting Sky Carrier in Vietnam belongs to some features of the market. Please contact us to receive the quotation!