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Forklift for rent in Dong Nai, Binh Duong and surrounding areas

2023/12/04 Product Information
Forklift for rent in Dong Nai, Binh Duong and surrounding areas
Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces are located in the key economic region of the Southeast, and are one of the biggest Industrial Zones in Vietnam. Therefore, the demand for using Forklifts for production and transportation activities here is extremely large. However, even though most businesses invest in buying forklifts, they cannot avoid the arising issues of vehicles lacking when the workload increases or the Forklifts encounter problems. NISHIO Dong Nai branch address: No. 990 Xa Lo Ha Noi, Neighborhood 2, Binh Da Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai. Phone: 025-1368-3224 Photo: NISHIO’s Diesel Forklift in a factory Video: Battery Forklift with Rotator attachment Enforcer Lithium-Ion Batery Forklift Photo: Our customer is checking Reach Truck LIÊN HỆ NGAY NISHIO is near AMATA Industrial Park, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai: Prompt delivery (Easy to transport equipment to your factory in the same day that we receive your inquiry.) We supply many types of Forklift and attachment. Customers can easily choose suitable models. We are a partner of famous brand such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Clark, Enforcer… Our staff can work in English, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. NISHIO Mechanic team is trained with a high Japanese standard. We are the 12th ranked company in the world for equipment rental. NISHIO’s machinery and equipment are always in new condition, ensuring safety and quality. Continuously update new models every year. It is especially recommended that you rent a forklift for a long time: Long-term rental instead of buying a new Forklift will help reduce initial investment costs. Reduce repair costs by our monthly maintenance service. Provide Forklift attachments according to customer requirements. Periodic maintenance, with records and reports. We will prepare registration documents and other documents clearly. Photo: One customer in Dong Nai is very satisfied with NISHIO’s service. NISHIO Local suppliers Equipment High quality (Brand new 100%, directly imported from famous brands). Low quality (Old models, used one) Maintenance Periodic maintenance When machine met troubles. Documentation and reports We will arrange documents and reports clearly as your request. Unclear, lack of documents,.. Forklift broken Quickly repair and replace it. Don’t have enough spare parts and forklift to replace. Mechanic’s skill High-skilled mechanic. They are all trained and have certificates. Almost learn by themselves. Some suppliers will offer you a surprisingly cheap and attractive price. You think you can save some money, but forget that if the forklift does not meet the standards, there are many problems during use, there is not a full set of equipment documents… these things will consume quite a lot of time and cost of the business. Then, not only can it not guarantee the quality of work, interrupt the production process, but it can also bring many other risks such as loss of occupational safety… Therefore, you should try to choose a reputable rental Forklift supplier in the market. Forklift renting price depends on many factors such as: Forklift’s condition, manufacter year, rental term, location, Forklift attachments, using purpose… Therefore, you should contact the Forklift rental companies and exchange more information to get the most accurate quotation! Photo: One NISHIO Mechanic is doing Forklift maintenance If you need more detailed information about NISHIO’s forklift rental service in Dong Nai, Binh Duong and southern provinces, please contact the Hotline number below or leave your contact information, we will quickly answer all questions and send the quotation file as soon as possible.