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Airmove Fan (Big Industrial Fan) for rent in Vietnam


Overall about Airmove Fan (Big Portable Industrial fan)

Are you looking for a strong fan that can be used in industrial and commercial environments such as factories and workshops…?

With a capacity equivalent to 20 small fans, we believe this is the perfect choice for you.

Technical specifications of Airmove fan

Model KL-SHVLS-Y6BAA20 (2.0m)
Dimension (WxHxD) 2181mm x 2051mm x 722mm
Max speed 320r/min
Range of wind speeds 0-36m(wind speeds 7 m/s-1.5m/s)
Full-load air volume 1208  m³/min
Motor PMSM Motor
Motor power 0.55 KW
Inner power 220V – 1 phrase
Full-load current 2.7A
Sound level <43 dBA
Protection levels IP55
Weight 176 Kg

Airmove fan series is an energy-saving big portable fan with a PMSM motor, a diameter 2m, which can provide ultra-long air blowing, an effective distance is more than 18m.

By designing with 4 wheels, the fan can move everywhere easily. Airmove fan takes only 0.4KW power, very low energy consumption. It works with low noise only 43dB. You can use VFD step-less speed control to easily operate it.

Airmove is IP55, and waterproof overall. The fan can be used on rainy & humid days. It is easy to clean with water. Besides, it adopts plug-play, easy to carry and install.

Application of Airmove fan

This big fan is mainly used in both industrial & commercial spaces. It is widely used indoors and outdoors such as in gymnasiums, large exhibitions, warehouses and narrow spaces.

Features of Airmove Fan

Solid Use high-strength material, such as forged steel, aircraft grade aluminum, solid & safe.
Brilliant Use fluorocarbon paint technology, high gloss in appearance, brilliant under the light.
High Capacity of heat transmission Featured turbine air suction effect, improving heat dissipation.
Long-life Use the most qualified components, ensuring more than 15 years of service life.

NISHIO rental Industrial Fan service in Vietnam

Our rental service can help you to reduce the investment machine budget, especially when you only need to use the machine in a short term as daily, monthly…

Please contact us if you are interested in our new product AIRMOVE FAN.

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