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(NEW) KALE AIRMOVE PORTABLE FAN (Industrial fan) for Rent

2022/10/31 Product Information
(NEW) KALE AIRMOVE PORTABLE FAN (Industrial fan) for Rent
Are you looking for a strong fan that can be used in industrial and commercial environments such as factories, and supermarkets…? With a capacity equivalent to 20 small fans, we believe this is the perfect choice for you. -Brand: KALE FANS -Model: SHVLS-Y6BAA20 -Diameter: 2M Airmove Series Kale Fans is an energy-saving big portable fan with a PMSM motor, a diameter 2m, which can provide ultra-long air blowing, the effective distance is more than 18m. By designing with 4 wheels, the fan can move everywhere easily. Airmove fan takes only 0.4KW power, very low energy consumption. It works with low noise only 43dB. You can use VFD step-less speed control to easily operate it. Airmove is IP55, and waterproof overall. The fan can be used on rainy & humid days. It is easy to clean with water. Besides, it adopts plug-play, easy to carry and install. Airmove Series Kale Fans is mainly used in both industrial & commercial spaces. It is widely used indoors and outdoors such as in gymnasiums, large exhibitions, warehouses and narrow spaces. Application Sports Industry Fitness centre, gym Entertainment Large amusement park, zoos & arboretums, children’s playground Traffic Hub Airport, high-speed rail station, bus station, metro station, wharf Commercial Places Exhibition centre, car showroom, large terminal market, supermarket Feature Solid Use high-strength material, such as forged steel, aircraft grade aluminium, solid & safe. Brilliant Use fluorocarbon paint technology, high gloss in appearance, brilliant under the light. High Capacity of heat transmission Featured turbine air suction effect, improving heat dissipation. Long-life Use the most qualified components, ensuring more than 15 years of service life. Please contact us if you are interested in our new product AIRMOVE FAN (Industrial fan).