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2022/06/07 Product Information

What should the construction site do to prepare in the rainy season?

Currently, the three regions of the North – Central – South are entering the rainy season. The heavy rains not only affect the traffic situation, agriculture, .. but also construction projects across the country.

1/ PVC sheeting plate

Heavy rain can cause flooding, especially mud in areas still under construction.

How can vehicles move inside the construction site if the road is full of mud or water-logged? If you keep delaying until the road is dry, it will affect on the project schedule.

In this case, our solution is PVC sheeting plate.

With the ability to withstand vehicle loads up to 120 tons, small trucks, pickup trucks, and forklifts… can easily enter the construction site without any obstacles.

2/ Cleaner equipment (High pressure pump, Portable shoe cleaner…)

Working in the rain will contaminate equipment, machinery, shoes, protective gear…

To ensure a stable construction process, many construction sites have to operate even when it is raining or muddy. When the weather returns to normal, the need to clean the machines and spray shoes is extremely necessary. NISHIO currently has a wide range of Cleaner equipment available such as High pressure pump (High pressure car washers), Portable shoe cleaner.


3/ Submersible pump

Heavy rain causes flooding on the construction site, it is necessary to use a submersible pump to treat waterlogged water.

Submersible pump is a pump line designed with a special structure, which can be placed deep in liquid without worrying about water or liquid entering the pump’s electric motor.

In the rainy season, flooding occurs frequently, causing a lot of discomfort to people as well as difficulties for construction sites. In this case, the submersible sewage pump is also an ideal choice. to drain water, limit flooding…

The foundation pit pump is a type of submersible pump, used to pump stagnant water, pump dilute mud from the foundation pits of construction works. Pumps are most often used in the rainy season. Because at this time, rainwater often accumulates, slowing down the construction progress.

Contact NISHIO immediately if you have a need to rent this equipment!