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VTevo Mobile Lighting Tower for rent and sale in Vietnam

2022/12/16 Product Information
VTevo Mobile Lighting Tower for rent and sale in Vietnam
Photo: NISHIO and GENERAC introduced VTevo Lighting Tower at “Electric & Power Vietnam 2022” Exhibition The lighting power of 4x320W LED floodlights meets a very narrow canopy design evolving the new VTevo mobile lighting tower onto the most compact and eco-friendly light tower ever created! VTevo will help you to skimp up to 75% of the fuel and protect our environment with a reduction in carbon emissions up to 10 Ton per year. The machine can run continuously without refueling for up to 171 hours. 4x320Watt high efficiency LED floodlights designed by Generac Mobile®. Granted life expectation: 50,000 working hours! Up to 25 units can be loaded on a single truck, 10 units on a 20” container and 22 units on a 40”. A perfect solution to save transport costs when you use several units! A liquid containment tank to avoid any risk of leakages on the ground. No need to worry about oil leaks anymore. Protect the environment with VTevo: reduced CO2 emission up to 10 ton per year compared to a traditional lighting tower! Steel reinforced body for maximum reliability, with large cooling grates positioned on 2 sides. Compared to a traditional Metal Halide lighting tower, you can save with the VTevo up to 75% of the fuel! ⇒ Saving cost! NISHIO is a unit specializing in providing lighting equipment for construction projects with the largest and most diverse equipment warehouse in Vietnam. Our branches spread across 3 regions of North, Central and South, very convenient for transporting lights to every project. Despite the remote geographical location and difficult terrain, NISHIO technicians are always ready to support and maintain equipment for customers. Click here to download VTevo leaflet Youtube video from Generac Vtevo operation tutorial from NISHIO (Vietnamese) List of Lighting Equipment at NISHIO