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Perfect for both of jobs indoor & outdoor: Genie Z-60/37 FE Hybrid Boom Lift (The First Hybrid Boom Lift in Vietnam)

2024/03/29 Product Information
Perfect for both of jobs indoor & outdoor: Genie Z-60/37 FE Hybrid Boom Lift (The First Hybrid Boom Lift in Vietnam)
  Max Working Height  65 ft 7 in | 20.16 m  Max Horizontal Reach  36 ft 7 in | 11.15 m  Max Up and Over Clearance (riser extended)  24 ft 3 in | 7.39 m  Platform Capacity  500 lb | 227 kg  For more details, please click here to view or download PDF file.  1.Fully electric mode: Fully charged in one night for more than 8 hours of operation.  If you don’t want to use generator engine with noise, just turn on this mode and operate as normal electric boom lifts.  2.Hybrid mode: While the boom lift works by diesel engine, the battery can be charged by the generators inside up to 80% of capacity and can run for 4 hours. You can switch machine to this mode when the battery is low, or when it needs to boost the power by using engine.   Refer explanation video from Genie: Charge battery quickly.  More powerful machine which uses 30% less energy than a hydraulic-driven unit.  Low emission, low noise. Use generator & battery system at the same time. In ‘all-electric’ mode it offers a full workday of emissions-free run time on a single battery charge. In ‘hybrid’ mode, it offers one week of run time with a single tank of diesel.  4WD operation: 35% faster, 45% gradeability for superior terrain ability (climb better than diesel power, ground control).  Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls for precise boom positioning and smooth performance.  1.52 m articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation to accurately position workers.  Genie Fast Mast™ boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and quickly return to working height.  *The Hybrid gives you a big benefit in 2 ways:  – First, you onboard and engine can charge the battery. This keeps the machines performing at a high level without stopping to recharge.  -Second, you can use engine and battery at the same time, depending on your purpose and working environment requirement.  *The Hybrid will travel to rough terrain and upgrade even faster than the previous DC machine.  *Even in the dead battery, the engine in AC generator capable of providing enough power for rupturing performance.  This Hybrid articulating boom lift model is a great asset for:  All construction sites  Sport stadiums  Shopping malls   Manufacturing plants   And even difficult walking areas where low noise level and clean performance are required  For example:  Your working area is around one 20 meters building with 45% of slope outside, weights 25% less indoor, low emission and low noise required because it’s near a hospital.  In this case, we need a boom lift that is both powerful, compact, and operates smoothly => Z-60/37 FE is a perfect choice. It depends on the rental term, site location and transportation fee… Please send us your information and inquiry, we will give you a quote soon!