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2024/04/22 Product Information NISHIO News Material Handling & Lifting Aerial Work Platform Lighting Equipment

Happy “EARTH DAY” Let’s utilize eco-friendly energy!


Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to support for Environmental Protection. Let’s contribute to Environmental Protection by saving energy, using renewable and low-emisson energy with NISHIO!

The huge emissions from Industry and Construction are one of the most common reasons for Climate Change. Enterprises should care more about this problem seriously.

Nowadays, there are so many manufacturers are tend to use eco-friendly technologies in their production. Below are some equipment that we want to introduce to customers.

VTevo Lighting Tower (Generac)

 The lighting power of high-efficiency LED floodlights meets a very narrow canopy design, evolving the new VTevo into the most compact and eco-friendly lighting tower ever created! VTevo will help you to skimp up to 75% of fuel and protect our environment with a reduction in carbon emissions up to 10 Ton per year, compared to a traditional lighting tower with metal halide lamps.


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E-Drive Electric Scissor Lift (Genie)

Operators can confidently use Genie Scissor Lifts equipped with an E-drive system that provides excellent “green” productivity and efficiency.


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Hybrid Boom Lift (Genie)

Hybrid is an advanced technology that aims to use electric energy while still ensuring strong working efficiency.


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Lithium Battery Forklift

Our Lithium Battery Forklift adapts the strict requirement about a clean working environment in factory.


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Perfect for both of jobs indoor & outdoor: Genie Z-60/37 FE Hybrid Boom Lift (The First Hybrid Boom Lift in Vietnam)

Perfect for both of jobs indoor & outdoor: Genie Z-60/37 FE Hybrid Boom Lift (The First Hybrid Boom Lift in Vietnam)

  目次Specifications The outstanding of Z-60/37 FE Benefits of Hybrid Where and when should you use Z-60/37 FE? Rental price of Hybrid boom lift Z-60/37 FE in Vietnam  Max Working Height  65 ft 7 in | 20.16 m  Max Horizontal Reach  36 ft 7 in | 11.15 m  Max Up and Over Clearance (riser extended)  24 ft 3 in | 7.39 m  Platform Capacity  500 lb | 227 kg  For more details, please click here to view or download PDF file.  1.Fully electric mode: Fully charged in one night for more than 8 hours of operation.  If you don’t want to use generator engine with noise, just turn on this mode and operate as normal electric boom lifts.  2.Hybrid mode: While the boom lift works by diesel engine, the battery can be charged by the generators inside up to 80% of capacity and can run for 4 hours. You can switch machine to this mode when the battery is low, or when it needs to boost the power by using engine.   Refer explanation video from Genie: Charge battery quickly.  More powerful machine which uses 30% less energy than a hydraulic-driven.  Low emission, low noise. Use generator & battery system at the same time. In ‘all-electric’ mode it offers a full workday of emissions-free run time on a single battery charge. In ‘hybrid’ mode, it offers one week of run time with a single tank of diesel.  4WD operation: 35% faster, 45% gradeability for superior terrain ability (climb better than diesel power, ground control).  Dual parallelogram and fully proportional controls for precise boom positioning and smooth performance.  1.52 m articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation to accurately position workers.  Genie Fast Mast™ boom system allows operators to descend and retrieve materials and quickly return to working height.  *The Hybrid gives you a big benefit in 2 ways:  – First, you onboard and engine can charge the battery. This keeps the machines performing at a high level without stopping to recharge.  -Second, you can use engine and battery at the same time, depending on your purpose and working environment requirement.  *The Hybrid will travel to rough terrain and upgrade even faster than the previous DC machine.  *Even in the dead battery, the engine in AC generator capable of providing enough power for rupturing performance.  This Hybrid articulating boom lift model is a great asset for:  All construction sites  Sport stadiums  Shopping malls   Manufacturing plants   And even difficult walking areas where low noise level and clean performance are required  For example:  Your working area is around one 20 meters building with 45% of slope outside, weights 25% less indoor, low emission and low noise required because it’s near a hospital.  In this case, we need a boom lift that is both powerful, compact, and operates smoothly => Z-60/37 FE is a perfect choice. It depends on the rental term, site location and transportation fee… Please send us your information and inquiry, we will give you a quote soon!     Submit Rating Average rating: / 5 Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post.