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Lifting equipment (Forklift, boom lift, scissor lift) for rent in Thang Long Industrial Park Hanoi

2024/03/22 Product Information
Lifting equipment (Forklift, boom lift, scissor lift) for rent in Thang Long Industrial Park Hanoi
Forklift and Aerial Work Platform (AWP: Boom Lift, Scissor Lift, Personal Lift…) have an important role in production , transportation and product management for the Industrial Parks as Thang Long IP Hanoi. While the Forklift is an necessary equipment for all manufacture factories & logistic companies, AWP is used for the purposes as system installation, facility renovation. maintenance, cleaning, painting or even cutting trees… Renting equipment as Forklift and AWP is becoming a trend and a solution for the businesses in Thang Long Industrial Park. In this article, we will introduce about NISHIO rental service.  Saving cost: Instead of spending a big budget on buying new brand Forklifts, rental service can help you to save the investing fee and keeping your financial for other activities.  Optimize productivity: Equipment is always in good working condition, ensuring efficient and safe lifting of goods. No worries about maintenance and repairs: Equipment rental service includes maintenance and repairs, helping you focus on your core business. Contractors at construction sites or maintenance contractors inside factories in Thang Long Industrial Park can also contact NISHIO to rent short-term Forklifts and AWPs. There are so many rental equipment companies around Thang Long IP. To find out a high quality service, you should take your attention in these below things: Reputation: If you use suppliers that do not have clear qualifications or lack documents about the origin of machine, it will cause many problems. Machinery quality: Of course, this is what you care about most when looking for a machine and equipment. Old and weak one will easily cause accidents and malfunctions, which will take time to process, thereby affecting work progress and production efficiency. Mechanic team: Mechanics who are well-trained and knowledgeable about the specialized knowledge from the rental service provider will help you save a lot of time by assisting in answering questions and repairing machinery in a timely manner. Forklift and Reach Truck: Toyota, Mitsubishi, Doosan, Clark, Enforcer…. Rate capacity from 1.5 ton to 10 ton Max. Lifting height from 3 meter to 4.5 meter Diesel and Battery type Rental term from 1 day Click here for more information  Stand-on Electric Hand Pallet Electric Hand Pallet Hand Pallet Hand lifter brand Genie Brands: Genie, JLG, Skyjack Scissor Lift (electric): Max. Working height from 7.79 meter to 15.95 meter Scissor Lift (engine): Max. Working height from 18.15 meter  Telescopic Boom Lift (engine): Max. Working height from 21.81 meter to 48.33 meter Telescopic Trax Boom Lift (engine, track): Max. Working height 21.81 meter Articulated Boom Lift (engine): Max. Working height from 12.54 meter to 43.15 meter Articulated Boom Lift (electric): Max. Working height from 12 meter to 20.16 meter Personal Lift (electric): Max. Working height from 5.65 to 14.3 meter Please refer more information from HERE We are a 100% Japanese company with more than 60 years of experience in the international market. We have many branches in different countries. We are ranked 10th among the biggest rental equipment companies in the world and number one in Vietnam. Thang Long Industrial Park was also built in cooperation between Vietnam and Japan, so if you work with NISHIO you will be supported by both countries’ staff. NISHIO is a direct partner of famous brands such as Genie, Doosan, Toyota,… You can rest assured when using new, high quality, genuine equipment with little damage. (Refer to the article: The annual AWP technical training of GENIE at NISHIO|NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM CO., LTD.) We have clear certificates, and other relevant documents if requested. NISHIO’s mechanic team is well-trained and always prepares a clear monthly equipment maintenance checklist to customers. Rental price is probably the primary information that you search most. However, the equipment rental price will include many things such as rental term, machine model, accessories, location… Therefore, please send us more information to receive an accurate quote.