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Rental Dehumidifier in Vietnam

One of the most uncomfortable weather periods for us is probably the humid weather that often occurs in the northern provinces. For households, when it is too hot and humid on the floor, it will easily cause accidents for children and the elderly due to slippery. Clothes dry forever. Mosquitoes and bacteria, molds can multiply very quickly thanks to favorable environmental conditions. This has a direct impact on human health. Inside the warehouses and factories also can not avoid the problems that the wet season causes such as: The floor sheds too much “sweat”, making it difficult to travel; Humidity changes easily damage goods, food, and electronic equipment…

What is the dehumidifier?

Nowadays, the dehumidifier is no longer a strange product on the market. A dehumidifier is a machine that balances the humidity in the air by condensing water vapor by the indoor unit, usually with a humidity sensor. Industrial dehumidifiers have a larger capacity and size than dehumidifiers for household apartments. Inside large areas of factories, warehouses, or workshops, it may be necessary to place more than one dehumidifier.

How is the dehumidifier useful?

We can list some benefits that dehumidifier brings to:

  • Rebalance the moisture in the air, preventing wetness from causing slippage.
  • Limit the growth of bacteria, mold,… to ensure the health of people around.
  • Avoid damage to goods and electronic equipment.
  • Dry the walls and some internal structures of the building.

Nishio Vietnam dehumidifier rental service

We have many units of dehumidifiers that are available in stock.

1.Brand Orion

Model RFB500F
Dehumidification (l/h) 14
Environment temperature (°C) 1~40
Voltage (V) 200
Power (kW) 0.54
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 858x377x407
Weight (kg) 36

2.Brand Nakatomi

Model DM-15V
Dehumidification (l/h) 14
Environment temperature (°C) 1~40
Voltage (V) 200
Power (kW) 0.54
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 835x430x390
Weight (kg) 33

3.Brand Ikeno

Model ID-12000S
Dehumidification (l/h) 50
Environment temperature (°C) 1~40
Voltage (V) 380
Power (kW) 14.16
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 2,500x600x1,800
Weight (kg) 610

The renting price of dehumidifier

We now have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental service for all kinds of machines including Dehumidifier. Our quotation will include the transportation fee. So that reason, please contact us to discuss more detail. Thank you!


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