We are selling used machine!


We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to purchase some used and brand-new equipment, such as Generator, Forklift, Scissor lift, Boom lift, Air compressor, Lighting tower, etc. at a special promotion price from July to August 2023.

Those machines are in good working condition and have been used by our company for various projects.
We are selling it to clear our inventory as we have recently upgraded to a new model. 

There are some units of Shindaiwa 300A Welding machines (10kva Generator) – a Japanese brand.

This machine is ideal for M&E contractors who need to perform welding tasks for small warehouses at the site.
It can also be used as a generator to power a small container office or to operate some tools at the site.

All of these items are of high quality and can be delivered to your location upon request.


If you are interested in this offer, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a viewing and a test run.
Hotline: 02513683224
Or contact us via our website here

We can also provide you with more details and specifications of the machine upon request.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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HOTLINE: 025 1368 3224

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High quality generators for rent in Vietnam Industrial zones and construction projects (from daily to yearly)

High quality generators for rent in Vietnam Industrial zones and construction projects (from daily to yearly)

Are you worried about rotating power outages this summer? Production work stopped suddenly due to the power failure, seriously affecting the whole enterprise, what to do? If you need to rent generators urgently, you can contact us anytime! “Vietnam Electricity Company (EVN) says more heat waves are set to hit the northern region this summer that may cause local overload for the power system, increasing the risk of large-scale blackouts. In a report recently, EVN used the word ‘emergency’ to talk about difficulties in operating the system and ensuring the electricity supply for the dry season. They held that in the event of extreme situations, the northern region may face a power shortage of up to 1,600- 4,900 MW in May and June.” ( The situation of power cuts in this summer will likely become much worse than in previous years. Therefore, businesses need to have contingency plans for power shortages right now. One of those options is to prepare a few generators with a capacity suitable for the production scale of the business. But the use of generators in factories, factories… usually only occurs in the summer or early stages of construction projects, the investment costs (generator costs) are also quite high. Meanwhile, generator rental service includes maintenance costs by highly qualified mechanic who have professional skills. Because of these reasons, many businesses often choose to rent generators in case of need instead of buying new ones. 目次Where to rent the generator in Vietnam?Nishio’s Japanese quality Generator rental service in VietnamThe generator models at NishioShindaiwa DGW310MC (9.9 kVA)Denyo DCA25 and Airman SDG25 (20kVA)Denyo DCA45 (37kVA)Airman SDG45 (37kVA)Denyo DCA60 (50kVA)Airman SDG60 (50kVA)Denyo DCA90 (74kVA)DCA100 (80kVA)Airman SDG100 (80kVA)Denyo DCA125 (100kVA)Airman SDG150 (125kVA)Denyo DCA150 (125kVA)Airman SDG220Denyo DCA220 (200kVA)Denyo DCA300 (270kVA)Airman SDG300 (270kVA)SDG400 (350kVA)DCA600 / DCA610 (554kVA)UPR (1250kVA)Some photos of Nishio generators in construction sites and factories There are many generator rental companies in Vietnam, but be careful when choosing a supplier. Because generators are like other big machines, it is necessary to ensure the safety of users and those around them. You should avoid choosing too old generators or generators that you do not know their origin. Some other important factors when choosing a generator rental company are: Check if the machine is genuine or not. Does the machine guarantee 100% capacity? Their after-sales service (maintenance). Do they have a highly qualified mechanic team? You better choose partners of famous brands. Generators are one of our main machines for rent. NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM company (NRAV) is committed to renting only safe and quality generators. NRAV headquarters and warehouse are based in Thach That, Hanoi City, and other branches throughout the country. We are proud to be the largest generator supplier in Vietnam. Headquarters and North warehouse: Thach That – Quoc Oai Industrial Park, Km18 Thang Long Boulevard, Quoc Oai, Hanoi City. Phone number: 02433940471 South branch: 990 Xa Lo Ha Noi, Residential 2, Binh Da Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province Phone number: 02513683224 Other branches: Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quang Nam. Photo: Nishio Hanoi’s high-quality generator warehouse When there is an unexpected power failure, just pick up the phone and call the Hotline or contact us via the website, we will transfer your information to the sales department and give the fastest quote. After that, the generator will be thoroughly checked before being delivered to the customer site. Our mechanic will also guide until the customer can understand the operating rules. We are proud to be partners of DENYO, AIRMAN – the oldest and most prestigious generator manufacturer in the world, customers can rest assured when using generators that Nishio provides. (Refer: “NISHIO participates in Electric & Power Vietnam 2022 with Denyo and Generac”) Photo: “Denyo organized a generator training course for Nishio’s mechanic” Below is a line of generators that we are supplying customers. Check out our catalog here.         Let’s contact us here to get answers to all your generator-related questions.     Submit Rating Average rating: / 5 Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post.

DENYO organized a generator training course for NISHIO mechanic

DENYO organized a generator training course for NISHIO mechanic

Nishio Rent All Group and Denyo Group have been staying in a very close-knit since we choose Denyo as the biggest Generator supplier. Denyo not only has a good quality product but also has friendly and professional service. They usually update and train their customer regularly. This week, we were glad to meet Denyo technical experts team to visit Nishio Vietnam and join their training course about Denyo Generator for mechanics. Photo: NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM x DENYO VIETNAM at Nishio Ho Chi Minh office & equipment center. This is a Service training course that includes operation, performance practices, and troubleshooting for Diesel Engine Driven AC Generator. After this course, mechanics can comprehend how to investigate common generator failure causes and the test methods on parts & components to find the root cause. Photo: Test measurements on the DCA-125SPK Nishio’s new technician members always have the opportunity to participate in training courses with leading experts from major machinery manufacturers such as Denyo. For Nishio experienced technicians, it is also very important to continuously improve and update their knowledge about new models in the market. Photo: Nishio’s mechanic was pleased to receive the certificate from Denyo. We are special thanks to Denyo for your professional training and support. It will help us a lot to bring the best service to our customers in Vietnam.         Submit Rating Average rating: / 5 Vote count: No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post.