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The things you need to know about Spot Cooler



Spot cooler is very important equipment in the summer weather. They’re affordable, efficient, easily used, and compact.

However, same as other machines, you need to understand its functions and the way to use it safely.

Below are the top things you should know about spot coolers.

Some examples of Spot Cooler application

  1. Small server rooms: Extra cooling exactly where needed to keep cooler 24/7.
  2. Data center hot spots: Concentrated heat-generating equipment is a breeding ground for hot spots. Spot coolers can help you keep your cool and alleviate the hot spots.
  3. Warehouses/factories: Can provide cool air where the air conditioner cannot install for more products in a comfortable environment for your worker.
  4. Logistics: Use it to preserve your goods while you are waiting to move the packages into your warehouse.
  5. Restaurants: Keep your diners comfortable even if the air conditioning breaks down. So that you will not lose your customers.
  6. Special events: Tented events/ outside events can be cooled with temporary air conditioners. Any tent or temporary structure can be conditioned to offer a comfortable environment for guests.


How does Spot Cooler work?

As an air conditioning system, the spot cooler follows the normal air conditioning process, which is basically the removal of heat (through heat transfer or heat exchange) and dehumidification to eliminate humidity.

Here’s how a spot cooler works:

  1. The system absorbs the warm air from inside the room with the help of the refrigerant. In this case, the refrigerant gets pressurized with the help of the compressor and gets evaporated at a very low pressure which allows it to absorb the warm air.
  2. From a hot gas state, the refrigerant is transformed into a hot liquid.
  3. The hot refrigerant in a liquid state goes to the condenser where the heat gets exhausted and released outside through the vents of the unit.
  4. The refrigerant, which is now a sub-cooled liquid but still remains very hot, flows to the evaporator. Through the metering device, this flow of the liquid refrigerant decreases.
  5. The liquid refrigerant vaporizes when it reaches the evaporator coils and turns into cool gas.


How to Install and Use a Spot Cooler?

One of the best points of Spot coolers is easy to set up and use. Once you have one, the next step is to take it to the location where you need it.

There is no installation involved with using a spot cooler, so your next step is to set up the exhaust vent and plug in the unit. Simply connect the exhaust tube to a ceiling vent, point it outside, or point it away from the area you want to cool if you are using it outside. Now all you have to do is plug it in and press the button.

When you are finished using the spot cooler or the water tank gets full, make sure the unit is turned off. Remove the container and empty it outside or into a drain, then replace the container.

How to Know What Size Spot Cooler You Need?

Spot coolers come in a range of capacities. They are rated based on their BTU.

You might see spot coolers listed as being between 1 ton and 5 tons. They don’t weigh that much, though. The unit “ton” refers to the BTU, which is the heat load it is rated for.

A 1ton spot cooler, or 12,000 BTU, will sufficiently cool up to two people in normal summer temperatures. If it is especially hot, upwards of 100 degrees, you will need a spot cooler with a higher BTU.

To get the right unit for your needs, make sure to have the following information ready when you go to get a unit:

  • A rough estimate of the number of people that will be in the cooling zone.
  • The dimensions of the space you want to cool. These dimensions should include not only the square footage but also the ceiling height if there is one.
  • Whether you need a spot cooler for indoor or outdoor use.
  • What type of space are you looking to cool with a spot cooler. For example, is it an office space or a workshop?
  • What you will be cooling. Electronics have different cooling needs than people.If you are not sure about it, NISHIO can help you to choose a suitable Spot Cooler model.

How to Maintenance a Spot Cooler?

Maintaining a spot cooler is easy.

All you have to do is replace or wash the air filter regularly, and keep the unit clean. However, some problems still can be big trouble. If you are not familiar with the spot cooler, you cannot fix it immediately. In that case, it may affect your product line or your business.

An ideal solution is rent Spot Cooler from suppliers. Because in this Covid-19 situation, many users could not import spare parts from overseas so they could not repair their Spot Cooler immediately.

Our NISHIO team has many spare parts in our stock and if we can’t repair the machine soon we will change for you another spot cooler so that you no need to worry about any troubles with the machine.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




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