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2022/04/27 NISHIO News

Nishio Rent All Vietnam celebrates 10th-year anniversary


On April 16th, 2022 NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM CO., LTD successfully organized a company trip in combination with the 10th year anniversary event at Phu Quoc Intercontential Long Beach Resort (Phu Quoc island).

NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM was established in April 2012. Up to now, we have affirmed our position in the Vietnam market. After 10 years, we have grown to have 62 staff and 7 branches.

This 2022 is very special as it marks a brilliant milestone with Nishio’s 10-year presence in Vietnam. 10 years is not too long for a business, but it is a long time with all of us through so many ups and downs.

The most typical is the past year 2021, despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, with our unity and relentless efforts, we have achieved great success together.

10 years is a journey that we have been together and trying to create the success of Nishio VN. Along the way, the Board of Management of Nishio VN always follows and recognizes the positive values ​​that we have brought together.

The NISHIO VIETNAM Board of Management

Due to the extremely complicated Covid-19 service situation, the President of NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM, Mr. Tomura, was unable to attend this important event, but he still did not forget to send his best wishes to NISHIO VIETNAM from Japan.

This special atmosphere is an opportunity for our Board of Directors to send sincere and deepest thanks to all of the staff.

Mr. Takumi Hosoi – General Director of NISHIO RENT ALL VIETNAM CO., LTD awarded certificates, trophy, and best wishes to the company’s employees.

Mr. Takumi Hosoi

Besides the Gala Diner night, NISHIO members also had a chance to visit and participate in a very interesting Team Building session right at the long and romantic beach of Phu Quoc Pearl Island. This is an opportunity for the North, Central and South teams to meet and have fun together after each year of working far from each other.

Team building at Phu Quoc long beach

Visit to the Pagodas and Temples at Phu Quoc

Visit to Hon Thom

The ending of our event left many impressions and unforgettable emotions. Let’s congratulate each other on the success that we have achieved together in the past journey, hope that all members of NISHIO VIETNAM will stick together for even longer journeys!

Watch full clip about three days of event at here.



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